Thoughts, reflections, and contemplation on life…from the view of an Orthodox Christian priest.

Disclaimers and Acknowledgements
1. This blog represents my views and not necessarily those of other individuals or institutions with whom I might be associated.

2. I strive to present my opinions in a manner consistent with my life experience and the Holy Orthodox Church, but final judgment the latter rests with a most competent authority, God.

3. I do not accept comments; I have neither the time nor inclination to sift through stuff, especially those who just want to argue.

4. I am far from perfect and for this, I beg your forgiveness.

5. This blog is not about me and it does not supersede my pastoral responsibilities; hence the chaotic nature of my postings. Real pastoral life will always come first.

6. And, because pastoral work will always come first, paperwork and blogging will always be last (to the chagrin of authority). My apologies in advance.

7. If you take offense to any of the preceding, “You, sir (or madam), are without humor!” And, perhaps, you may be wrong.