Titles & Names of the Theotokos

Key: * = Orthodox tradition, ^ = Catholic tradition, Bold = used by both traditions

(As of 20201217 from multiple sources)


*Abode of Light

*A Blessed Temple

*Abundant Giver of All Spiritual and Bodily Gifts

*A City Surrounded by Twelve Walls

*A Merciful Spring 

*A Protection and Shelter (also: A Steadfast Shelter and Protection)

*A Fountain of Pureness

*A Royal Seat for the King

^A Royal Virgin of the House of Daniel

*Armor of Truth against Temptation

*A Shining Throne Touched by the Sun

*A Tower Adorned in Gold

*A Tower of Safety

*A Treasure of Salvation

* Accepter of Repentance

^Admiration of Angels

Advocate of Sinners (^Advocate of the Most Abandoned of Sinners)

^Advocate with thy Son for thy Sons

^Afflicted Mother

*Aid of Those Reviled and Persecuted

*All-blameless One

* O All-Blessed and All-Powerful Mistress Virgin Theotokos

*All Blessed Joy of All Joys

All-chaste and Pure Lady

All Glorious and Immaculate Ever-virgin

* All-Golden Vessel 

*All-good Mistress

* All-holy Jar 

All-holy Lady

All-holy Mary

All-holy Virgin

*All-Merciful Protectress

All-merciful Virgin

*All-powerful Aid in Weakness

*All-praise-worthy Theotokos

* All-praised Mother

 All-pure Mother

All-spotless Mother

*All Surpassing Joy of All

* All-threatening Terror of the Dark Forces of Hell

*All-wondrous Lady Theotokos

*All-wondrous Reconciler with God

*Ally of Those Who Do Battle with Temptations

*Alleviation of Every Sorrow

* Amendment of Unrepentant Sinners

^Anchor of Confidence

* Anticipation of All Creation

*An Unshameable Protection of Christians 

^Arch of the Desolate

* Ark of the Law [in which is kept the sanctification of all mankind]

*Assistance of Them That Labor

*Assuagement of Our Sorrows

* Assurance of Those Who Pray in Silence

^Assured Safety of the Faithful

^Asylum of the Erring


* Bearer of Fire

*Bearer of Good News 

*Bearer of the Abyss of Wonder

*Bearer of the Healer

* Bearer of the Unwaning Light

* Beautiful Boast of Christians

*Beginning of Our Salvation

Behold the Heavenly Tabernacle

Beloved Daughter of the Most High God

Beloved Mother

Beloved of God

* Beginner of the Miracles of Christ

Bestower of Divine Goodness

Bestower of Divine Stillness

Bestower of Every Blessing

Bestower of Mercy

* Bestower of the Wine of Immortality

Blameless and Immaculate Virgin

Blameless One

Blessed Among Women

Blessed Lady

Blessed Mother Mary

Blessed Mother of Joy

Blessed Temple of God

Blessed Virgin Mary

*Blessed Womb Which Contained the Uncontainable God 

* Blessing of Pious Homes and Families

*Boast of the Heavenly Hosts

Bride of God

* Bride Unwedded

^Bridge Between Heaven and Earth

* Bridge Leading From Earth to Heaven (Bridge Leading to the Heavens)

*Bridge that Leads Upward

*Bridge That Truly Leads Us from Death to Life

Bright and Unchanging Flower [Coptic]

^Bright Dawn of the New World

^Bright Star of the Morning

* Brightest Chamber and Delight of Angel

* Brilliantly-illuminated Bridal Chamber

* Bulwark against the Darkness of This Age

* Bulwark of Orthodox Kingdoms

*Bush That Burned, Yet Remained Unconsumed


*Calm Haven from Storms of Life/Calm Haven of the Tempest-Tossed

^Calmer of the Tempest

*Canopy More Spacious Than the Heavens

^Cathedral of Silence

*Cause of Deification for All

Cause of Our Joy

^Celestial Rose of the Ineffable Love of God

*Certain Hope

*Clothing of the Poor

*Cloud Most Brilliant which Shelters Faithful Men

^Chamber of Spiritual Nuptials

*Champion of Those Who Fight the Good Fight of the Virtues

^Channel of Divine Graces

*Chariot of the Spiritual Sun

*Chariot that Carries Forth the Living Sun

*Chastity of Virgins

^Cheer and Comfort of the Dying

* Cherished Emerald of Charity

*Childbearing Wonder

^Chosen Daughter of the Father

*Chosen Dwelling-place of God the All-Holy Spirit

Chosen Flower of Chastity

*Chosen Jewel

*Chosen One of the Most-high Counsel

^Chose Shrine

*Chosen Treasure House

^City of God, Mother Zion

*City of the King of All Creation

^City of Refuge

^Companion of the Sorrowful

*Compassionate Bestower of All Spiritual Gifts

Compassionate Mother

*Compunction of the Good

Comfort of the Sorrowful

Comforter of the Afflicted

^Comforter of the Dejected and Desolate Souls

^Comforter of the Dying

*Compassionate Bestower of All Spiritual Gifts

* Confidence of Prayer

*Confirmation of the Christian Faith

^Conqueress of All Error

^Conqueror of the Incredulous

* Consecrated and Without Reproach

* Consequence of Hope

*Consolation of the Sorrowful

*Consolation of the Sorrows of Mothers

*Consolation of Them That Grieve

*Consolation of Those Grievously Tormented

^Consoler of the Afflicted

*Correction of the Erring

*Cup That Draws Joy For Us from the Fountain of Immortality

*Cup Whereby We Partake of Joy and Salvation

Crown of Martyrs 

*Crown of Self-Restraint


*Daughter Chosen by God

^Daughter of God the Father

^Daughter of God, Who Bore His Holy One

^Daughter of Jerusalem

^Daughter of the Eternal Father

^Daughter of the Most High God

^Daughter of the King of Kings

*Dawn of the Mystic Day of the Kingdom

*Daybreak Most Radiant

^Dearest of Mothers

*Defender of Our Souls

* Defender of Strangers

* Defender of the Injured

*Deliverance from Misfortune

*Deliverance from the Curse of Sin

*Depth of Humble-mindedness

^Desolate Mother

*Destroyer of the Enemy’s Traps

^Devoted Consoler of the Sorrowful

^Mother of Divine Beauty

*Dewy Fleece Foretold by Gideon

*Divinely Graced Mother of God


^Dispenser of Heavenly Treasures

^Dispenser of Mercy

*Divine Sanctuary 

*Door of God’s Mercy

*Door of Salvation

* Dwelling-place of the Unapproachable God

^Dwelling Undarkened by Sin


* Easy Over-comer of Sinful Practices

Eternal Mother

Ever-Virgin Bride

Ever-blessed, Most Blameless, Mother of Our God

Ever-blessed and Most Pure Mother of Our God

*Ever-blessed One

Ever Sinless Virgin

* Everlasting Exultation of the Faithful

* Everlasting Reward of the Faithful

Ever Virgin Mary

* Ever-watchful Guardian [of those sitting in bonds and prison]

^Eye of the Prophets


^ Fair and Spotless One!

*Faithful Preserver of Them, Do Trust In Thee!

Faithful Virgin

* Favored Diamond of Faith

*Feeder of the Hungry

* Fervent Mediator for Christians

*Field That Yields an Abundance of Compassion

^Field of Tribulation

^Finest Fruit of the Redemption

*Fiery Chariot of the Word art Thou

^First among the Redeemed

*Fleece Bedewed, Which Gideon Didst Foresee

*Flower of Incorruption

*Font Wherein Our Sorrows Are Drowned

*O Fount of Immortality

^Fount of Clemency

^Fount of Tears

^Fountain of Beauty

* Fountain of Blessings for the Faithful

Fountain of Holy Grace [Coptic]

^Fountain of Living Waters

Fountain of Tenderness

^Fountain Sealed by the Holy Spirit

^Forsaken Mother

*Fortification and Defending Wall and Strength of Men

*Fortress and Sacred Refuge of All the Faithful

*Fortress and Strength of Men

*Fragrant Blossom of Virginity and Purity

*Fragrant Flower of Incorruption

^Fragrant Rose of the Heavenly Court

^Fruitful Land

^Fruitful Vine

*Fulfillment of All the Prophecies

^Fullness of Grace to Overflow upon All

*Fulfillment of the Creator’s Dispensation

*Fulfillment of the Creator’s Plan


Gate of Heaven/of Paradise/of Salvation

^Gate of Heavenly Rest

*Gate of the Sacred Mystery

* Generous in Love

*Gentle Dove

^Giver of Peace

* Giver of the Bread of Life

*Gladness of Repentant Sinners

*Gladness of the Christian Martyrs

Glorious Mother

*Glory and Consolation of the Righteous 

Glory of Angels

Glory of Israel

^Glory of the Holy Spirit

*Glory of the Righteous

*Glory of the Saints

*Glory of the Universe

* God-loving Virgin

* God-pleasing Handmaiden

^Golden Key of God’s Wisdom

* Golden Light

*Good Help of the World

*Good Helper of All the Faithful

*Good Will of God towards Sinners

Gracious Advocate

*Gracious Example of Virgins

*Gracious Mother of Our Gracious God

* Great Cause of Wailing In Demons

* Great Marvel and Wonder of Angels

*Greatest Mercy of Faithful Men

*Guidance of the Young

* Guide of God-fearing Monks and Nuns

Guide of the Faithful

*Guide of Strangers

^Guide to the Shores of Every Lasting Day

*Guide That Directs Us to the Heaven

* Guiding Star of Faith



O Womb Which Received God

^Happiness of the Just

^Handmaid of Divine Blessings

Handmaid of the Lord

^Harbinger of Peace

*Harbor for the Voyages of Life

* Harbor of Salvation

^Harbor of the Wretched 

* Haven of Safety In the Midst of Our Foes

^Haven of the Shipwrecked

Healer of All Infirmities 

 Healer of the Sick

*Healing Of Our Afflictions

*Healing of Every Disease

Health of the Sick

*Heaven Higher than the Heaven

^Heaven’s Bright Queen

* Heavenly Fountain of Charity and Kindness

* Heavenly Ladder by Which God Came Down to Earth (Heavenly Ladder by Which the Lord Descended To Us)

Heavenly Queen

Help and Strengthening of Those Who Labor

Help of Christians

*Help of Them That Faithfully Pray to Thee

*Help of Widows

^Help of the Faint

Help of the Weak

Helper of the Redeemed/^Helper of the Redeemer

Helper of Those in Poverty

*Helper of Those Exhausted from Their Labors

*Hidden Treasure of Innocence/of the Pure In Heart

*Holy Arch of the New Covenant

*Holy Entrance of the Saved

* Holy Mirror of Justice [for Judges Who Take No Bribes]

Holy Mother

*Holy Sovereign 

*Holy Throne of God

Holy Virgin of Virgins

Holy Virgin Mother

^Honor of the Sky

* Honorable Virgin, Shining Forth a Mystery of God

Hope and Protection of All Who Believe

*Hope and Protection of those who sing to you

*Hope and Strength of Thy People

Hope of All Christians

Hope of All Who Despair

*Hope of Eternal Salvation (Hope of Eternal Blessings)

^Hope of the Guilty 

Hope of the Hopeless

* Hope of the Penitent Sinner

* Hope of Every Sinner

Honored Mother of the True Light [Coptic]

^House of God

^House of Gold

*House of Glory

* Humble Maiden, Immaculate and Full Of Grace


Immaculate Lady/Mother

^Immaculate Spouse of the Holy Spirit

^Image of the Church Perfected

Impregnable Protection

*Incessant Song of Angels

Incorrupt Virgin

*Incorruptible Temple 

* Indestructible Fortress

Ineffable Beauty

*Inexhaustible Cup/Inexhaustible Outpouring of Mercies and Compassions

* Initiate of God’s Ineffable Will

*Intercessor before God That Dost Save the World from Calamities

*Intercessor to Our Holy Maker, Unwavering

* Interior Wealth of the Virtuous

*Instructor in Chastity and Temperance

* Invincible City in Which We Are Protected

^Invincible Woman

* Invisible Tamer of Cruel and Bestial Masters


* Jeweled Crown Beckoning Angelic Delight

*Joy and Tranquility of the World

*Joy Bestowed by God upon the Suffering

*Joy of All Who Sorrow/ Joy of the Grieving

* Joy of the Afflicted

*Joy of the Angels

^Joy of the Human Family

^Joy of the Universal Church

*Jubilation of Venerable Ascetics

*Jewel Most Fair 


Key of the Heavenly Kingdom/Kingdom of Christ


Lady of Angels

^Lady of Good Remedy

*Lady of Humanity

*Lamp That Is Never Extinguished

*Lampstand of the True Light

*Land Of Promise Whence Floweth Milk and Honey

^Lifeboat of Souls

*Life-Bearing Womb

*Life-Giving Fountain/Font/Spring

*Light-bearing Cloud of Heaven

*Light-bearing Heavenly Tabernacle

^Light of the Despondent

^Light of the Grave

Light of Those Who Sit In Darkness

*Light of the Whole World

Lilly of Divine Beauty

* Living Book of Christ

*Living Table, Who Hast Held the Bread of Life

*Living Water, Washing Away Mortal Sins

*Loving Mother of Our Good King

^Loving Mother of the Redeemer

* Loyal Participant

^Living Tabernacle of the Divinity


Maid of God

*Maiden Free from Sin, the Fortress and the Strength of Men

* Maiden Immaculate

Maiden Most Chaste and Pure [Coptic]

* Majestic Mother of the Pearl of Great Price

* Majestic Maiden

Mansion of God/of the Holy Spirit

^Mary, Dew of Divine Beauty

^Mary, Fountain of Beauty

^Mary, Queen of Families

^Mary, Spouse of the Holy Spirit

Mary the Ark of the Covenant

Mary the True Tabernacle 

^Mary Untier of Knots

^Maria, Rosa Mystica

*Marvel and Miracle Beyond all Understanding

* Marvelous Branch of Motherhood

*Marvelous Palace of the Master

^Mass of Suffering

^Masterpiece of Holiness

* Meadow of Rest for the Meek


“…. after the Mediator”

“…. Ever Pleading for Us

“…… of All beneath the Sky

“…..of All Graces

“….of Everlasting Joy

“….of Men with God

* “…of My Salvation

“….of Sinners, Staunch and True

“….of the Mysteries of God

“…. Reconciling Us to the Son

“…set between Christ and His Church”

“…. to Win Salvation for the World

“…. Who Hast Found Favor with God

*Medicine for Souls and Bodies

^Medicine of the Sick

*Merciful One 

* Mercy Seat of All Creation

*Meter Theo [Mother of God]

^Mildest of the Mild

^Mirror of Innocence and Sanctity 

Mirror of Justice

^Mirror of Patience

Mistress of My Life

^Mirror of Ready Obedience to the Divine Will

Mistress of the World

*Model for Those Who Run the Good Race of Piety

^Model of Motherhood

^Model of the Just

^Model of Virtue

*More Exalted than the Heavens

*More Spacious than the Heavens [Platytera ton ouranon]

^Morning Star

^Most Beloved Daughter of the Eternal Father

^Most Beautiful Flower of Mt. Carmel

*Most Blessed and Glorified Lady

*Most Delicate Lilly 

Most Glorious Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother Of Christ Our God

Most Gracious Virgin Mary

*Most Holy Lady Theotokos

*Most Holy Mistress

Most Honored of Virgins

Most Immaculate One

* Most Longed-for Fulfiller of Blessed Marriages

* Most Merciful Comforter of All the Afflicted and Heavy Laden

Most Merciful Mother

Most Precious Bridal Chamber, the Virgin, the Treasury of God’s Glory

Most Pure and Blessed Mary

Most Pure Sovereign Mother of God

Most Pure Temple of the Saviour

Most Sorrowful Mother

^Most Tender Mother

^Most Worthy Mother

^Mother , All Merciful One

^Mother Bereaved of Thy Son

^Mother Bereft of thy child

^Mother Crucified in Thy Heart

^Mother Dearest, Mother Fairest

^Mother Full of Love and Tenderness

Mother Most Chaste/Most Pure

Mother Immaculate

^Mother Inviolate

*Mother Lamb without Blemish

Mother Mary

^Mother Most Amiable,

^Mother Most Admirable

  ^Mother Most Faithful

^Mother Most Merciful

Mother Most Pure

^Mother Most Prudent

^Mother Most Renowned

^Mother Most Sad

^Mother Most Venerable

*Mother of All the Afflicted and Heavy Laden

Mother of All God’s Children

Mother of All Graces

^Mother of Beautiful Love

^Mother of Chaste Love

Mother of Christ

Mother of Christians

Mother of Christ our God

Mother of Christ the King

^Mother of Comfort and Understanding

Mother of Compassion

^Mother of Divine Clemency

^Mother of Divine Grace

^Mother of Divine Love

^Mother of Divine Providence

^Mother of Dolours

^Mother of the Eucharist

Mother of Eternal Glory

*Mother of Eternal Love

Mother of Gentleness and Mercy

Mother of God Almighty

*Mother of God’s Grace

^Mother of the Crucified Lord

^Mother of Good Counsel

Mother of Hope/Mother of Holy Hope

*Mother of Humility

Mother of Loving Care/Kindness

Mother of Mercy

^Mother of My Lord

^Mother of My Redeemer 

*Mother of Obedience to God’s Will

Mother of Our Creator

*Mother of Our Life

Mother of Our Redeemer/Redemption

Mother of Our Devine Savior

^Mother of Pardon and Remission

^Mother of Perpetual Help

^Mother of Piety and Grace

* Mother of Salvation

Mother of Sorrows

Mother of Tenderness

^Mother of the Church

Mother of the Crucified Lord

Mother of the Divine Redeemer

Mother of the Eternal Word

^Mother of the Fullness of Times

* Mother of the God of Love

*Mother of the Healer

Mother of the Holy Church

Mother of the Incarnate Word

^Mother of the Lord of Angels

* Mother of the Lord of the Hosts on High

* Mother of the Lamb and the Shepherd

*Mother of the Lamb of God

*Mother of the Light/

Mother of Light/

Mother of the Golden Light

Mother of the Lord God

*Mother of the Lord of Angels

* Mother of the Most Sweet and Most Desired Savior

*Mother of the Never Setting Sun/Light

^Mother of the New World

*Mother of the Orphaned

^Mother of the Rising Sun

Mother of the Son of God

^Mother of the Sorrowful Heart

*Mother of the Unsetting Sun

* Mother of the Victorious Lord

^Mother of the Word Incarnate

* Mother of Those Who Seek Salvation

^Mother of Tranquility

^Mother Overwhelmed By Grief

^Mother Regenerating Men in Christ unto God

* Mother That Nourished the King of the World

^Mother Set Around With Anguish

^Mother Transfixed by a Sword

Mother Undefiled

^Mother Who Endures Our Sorrows

^Mother Who Shares Our Joys

^Mother Whose Heart was Pierced by a Sword

^Most Amiable Queen

^Most August Temple of the Holy Spirit

^Most Beautiful Flower of Mt. Carmel

Most Blessed and Glorified Lady

^Most Charitable Mother

^Most Compassionate Mother

*Most Delicate Lilly

^Most Devoted Spouse 

^Most Dutiful Daughter

Most Glorious Ever-Virgin Mary, Mother Of Christ Our God

Most Gracious Virgin Mary

Most Holy Lady

*Most Holy Lady Theotokos

^Most Holy Mother Mary

*Most Holy Mistress

Most Holy Virgin Mother

Most Honored of Virgins

Most Immaculate One

* Most Longed-for Fulfiller of Blessed Marriages

* Most Merciful Comforter of All the Afflicted and Heavy Laden

Most Merciful Mother

^Most Perfect Model of Virtue

Most Pure and Blessed Mary

^Most Pure Bride of Ineffable Love of the Holy Spirit

Most Pure Mother of God

Most Pure One

Most Pure Sovereign Mother of God

* Most Pure Temple of the Saviour

* Most Precious Bridal Chamber

*Most Precious Myrrh of All

Most Sorrowful Mother

^Most Tender Mother

*Most Wondrous Miracle

*Mountain Not Hewn By Man

^Mournful Mother

*Much-sorrowing Mother of God

* My All-Holy Hope

^My Good Mother, Queen of My Heart

My Most Blessed Queen

^My Sweetest and My Greatest Hope after Jesus

^ Mystic Bride of Love Eternal

^Mystical Rose

^Mystical Stair of Jacob

* Mystical Table of the Eucharist


* Never-Ceasing Wonder of the Angelic Hosts on High

*Never-fading Bloom

* Never Sleeping Guide of All Those Who Have Strayed and Gone Blind

^New Star that Shone Over Israel’s head

*Nourisher of the Hungry

*Nourishment of Infants

^Nuestra Señora de la Leche y Buen Parto [Our Nursing Mother of Happy Delivery]


^O Advocate Ever Present in Life and in Death

* O Banisher Our Sorrow

^Obtainer of the Divine Mercy

^O Benign Mother

* O Bottomless Depth of the Divine Compassion

*O Bride and Maiden Ever Pure

^O Brilliant Star of Purity

*O Daybreak Most Radiant

*O Depth Invisible Even To the Eyes of Angels

^O Divine Mary

^O Divine Mother of God

* O Eternal Joy of the Saints in Heaven

^O Faithful Virgin

*O Good One

^O Great Queen

* O Greatest Mercy of Faithful Men

*O Height beyond Human Logic

* O Holy Sanctuary

*O Hymn of Angels

* O Joy of Our Grieving Heart

*O Lady Graced by God

^O Lady of Light

* O Lady Whose Son Calms Our Fears

^O Loving Mother Mary

*O Maiden

^O Mary Immaculate

*O Mary Vessel of Unending Myrrh

^O Most Amiable Lady

*O Most Blessed Theotokos 

^O Most Clement, Most Pious and Most Sweet Virgin Mary

*O Most Hymned Mother

^O Most Powerful Virgin

^O Most Pure Virgin

O Most Pure Virgin Mary

^O Mother of Fair Love

*O Mother of the Word

* O Mother of the Ransomer of Our Souls

* O Mother Whose Childbirth Ends Our Anguish

^O My Heart and My Soul

*Opener of the Doors of Paradise

*O Praised Mother of God and Heavenly Queen

*O Pre-eternal Good Will of God 

*O Pure Virgin Theotokos

*O Queen of All, Who Dost Heal our Infirmities by Thy Grace

*Ornament of Sanctity

* O Resounding Song of the Church on Earth

* O Sacred Chamber of the Word

^O Sacred Virgin

O Saint Full of Glory [Coptic]

*O Sanctified Temple and Spiritual Paradise

*O Seer of the Ineffable Will

^O Sorrowful Virgin Mary

*O Thou Spring of Life for All Men

*O Thou Who Are Full of Grace, Healer of Our Souls and Bodies

^ O Treasure House of the Lord’s Graces

*O Unexplainable Wonder

*O Virgin, O Virgin Maid

O Virgin Blessed[Coptic]

^ O Virgin Blessed Above All Creation

^O Virgin, Holy and Merciful

^O Virgin Immaculate

^O Virgin Mary

*O Virgin Theotokos, Full of Grace, Joy of All Who Sorrow

*O Womb of Divine Incarnation/O Womb Which Received God

* O You That Bring the Saints Near To God

* O You That Cause Demons to Take Flight

* O Wood and Tree of Life

* Only Mother of Loving-Kindness

* Omnipotent Lady/Queen and Mistress

*Our Advocate before Thy Son and God

^Our Beacon in Distress

*Our Ever-holy, Ever-pure, Ever-blessed and Glorious Lady

*Our Guide in Perplexity

^Our Heavenly Mother of Sweetest Love and Tender Compassion

*Our Helper and Boast

*Our Hope and Defense on the Day of Judgment

*Our Intercessor before the Just Judge

*Our Joy

*Our Joy and Wondrous Care for Us

 [Note:  There are nearly countless titles to the Theotokos beginning with the words “Our Lady”. Only a portion appears here.]

^Our Lady 

*Our Lady, Purest and Most Beautiful of Women

^Our Lady of Angels

^ Our Lady of Atonement

^Our Lady of Confidence & Trust

^Our Lady of Consolation

^Our Lady of Divine Light/Our Lady of Light

^Our Lady of Fair Love

^ Our Lady of Fatima

^Our Lady of Good Success

^Our Lady of Good Remedy

^Our Lady of Guadalupe

^ Our Lady of Lourdes

Our Lady of Mercy

^Our Lady of Mount Carmel

Our Lady of Perpetual Help

^Our Lady of Ransom

Our Lady of Refuge

^Our Lady of Silence, Channel of Grace

*Our Lady of Tenderness

^Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament

^Our Lady of the Precious Blood

^Our Lady of the Roses

^Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows

^Our Lady of the Way (Santa Maria della Strada)

^Our Lady Undoer of Knots

^Our Life, Our Sweetness and Our Hope

^Our Light in Darkness

*Our Living and Never Fading Spring

*Our Mighty and Swift Helper in Times of Grievous Trials

Our Most Gracious Queen

Our Most Holy Mother

^Our Most Loving Mother

* Our Only Help in the Hour of Death

*Our Preserver and Confirmation

*Our Renowned Refuge Amid all Troubling Circumstances

*Overshadowing Mountain


^Palace of the Blessed Trinity

* Partaker in Divine Communication through an Angel

^Partner in Human Redemption 

* Path to Heaven

* Paschal Joyfulness

^Peace and Joy of Mankind

^Peaceful Ocean

* Perfect Knowledge for Teachers and Those Who Bring Up Children

* Perpetual Champion of Those Fighting with Enemy Passions and Intents

^Petitioner of All Graces

* Pillar of Cloud Who Protects All of Us from Temptations and Scandals

* Pillar of Fire amidst the Darkness

*Pillar of Virginity

* Pledge of Eternal Blessings

* Portal of Paradise

^Precious Pearl

*Precious Fruit that Dispels All Sorrow

*Preserver and Confirmation for All

* Preserver of Our Holy Faith

* Principle Adornment of Holy Churches and Altars

*Priceless Treasury of Mercy

^Propitiation of the Divine Wrath

^Propitious Mother

*Protecting Veil

* Protector and Provider of the Holy Monasteries of Christ

* Protector of All Who Are In Danger

*Protector of Christians

Protector of the Sick

^Protectress of the Faith

^Protectress of the World

^Protectress of those Who Fight

Pure In Heart

* Pure Maiden

^Purest Mary

Purest Mother of God


Queen of All Creation

Queen of All Saints

Queen of Angels

Queen of Apostles

^Queen Assumed Into Heaven

^Queen Conceived without Original Sin

^Queen of Confessors

^Queen of Families

Queen of Heaven and Earth

*Queen of Heaven and Earth Who Opens the Gates of Paradise

Queen of Heavenly Host

^Queen of Life

^Queen of Love

^Queen of Martyrs

Queen of Mercy

Queen of Patriarchs

Queen of Peace

Queen of Prophets

^Queen of My Heart, My Sweetness, My Life and All My Hope

^Queen of the Clergy

^Queen of the Most Holy Rosary

^Queen of Saints

Queen of Virgins

^Queenship of Grace


*Radiant Cloud, Unceasingly Illuminating the Faithful

*Radiant Knowledge of Grace

*Radiant Star of Grace

*Radiant Token of Grace

*Raft of Those Who Desire to Be Saved

*Raiment of the Naked

*Raising Up of All the Fallen

*Ransom of All the World

* Ready Helper of Them in Misfortunes and Temptations

^Ready Helper of Those in Peril

* Receiver of Orphans

^Recoverer of a Lost World

*Release from the Fetters of Sin

^Remedy in Perplexity

*Redemption of the Tears of Eve

* Receptacle of the Wisdom of God

* Refuge for the Lost

^Refuge in Affliction

^Refuge of All the Unhappy

^Refuge of the Abandoned

^Refuge of the Forsaken

^ Refuge of Penitent Sinners

Refuge of Sinners

*Reproof of Unbelief

* Reprover before All 

* Resplendent With His Grace

^Resting Place of the Divine Bridegroom

*Restoration of Fallen Adam/of Adam’s fall

^Restorer of Human Generation

^Resource of Mourners

*Revelation of God’s Mystery Hidden from All Eternity

* Right in Belief

* Righteous Ruby of Hope

*Rising of the Fallen

* River of Absolution for the Repentant

* River of Living Water

* Road for Exiles to Return

^Rock of Constancy

*Rock That Gives Drink to Them That Thirst For Life

*Root of Jesse

* Royal Handmaid

* Royal Throne of God


*Sacred Belt of Protection

*Sacred Dwelling of the Lord

^Sacred Image of the Holy Spirit

*Sacred Refuge of All Mankind

^Sacred Temple of the Most Holy Trinity

* Sacred Treasury of God’s Glory

^Sacred Vessel of the Most Holy Trinity

*Saint Greater than the Saints

*Salvation of My Soul

*Salvation of the Christian Faith

*Salvation of the Faithful

*Salvation of the Sinful World

*Salvation of those Who Believe

* Sanctification of All the Earthly and Heavenly Elements

*Sanctuary Dedicated to God

^Sanctuary of the Holy Spirit

^Sea of Bitterness

*Seashell That Hath Brought Forth the Divine Pearl

^Sealed Fountain of the Living Waters of Salvation

*Search for the Perishing

Seat of Wisdom

* Secret Giver of Understanding [To the Secret Servants of God in This World]

* Secret Gladness of Pure Virgins and Widows

* Secret Rest and Consolation of Humble and Suffering Servants

*She Who is Quick to Hear

*She Who Wipes Away All Tears

*Shelter from the Storm of Passions

^Shelter of Orphans

* Shelter of All Mankind/Shelter of the World, More Spacious Than a Cloud

^Shield of the Oppressed 

* Shining Crown of the Redeemed

*Shining Light Illumining the Darkness of My Soul

^Shining Star of the Sea

*Ship of Those That Wish To Be Saved

^ Sign of Hope and Consolation

^Sighing Dove

^ Sighing Mother 

* Silent Sapphire of Prayer

*Singular Vessel of Devotion

*Sinners Appeal to Heaven

*Softener of Evil Hearts/ Softening of the Hearts of the Wicked

^Solace of the Wretched

*Sole Hope of the Despairing 

Sorrowful Mother

Sovereign Lady

^Sovereign of Angels 

* Sovereign Queen in Service to God’s People

*Spacious Dwelling Place of God the Word

*Spotless One

Spouse of the Holy Spirit

*Speedy Comforter amid Misfortunes and Sorrows

*Speedy Helper for All the Faithful at the Time of Our End

^Splendor of Heaven

Spiritual Vessel

^Staff of the Apostles

*Staff of the Elderly

^Standard-bearer of the Martyrs 

^Star of the Sea (Stella Maris)

^Star of the Wave [LOOL]

^Stay of the Falling

*Steward That Orders Well Our Life

^Strength of the Fearful

* Strength of the House of David

^Strength of the Weak

* Strong Defender of Those in Captivity and Exile

* Strong Defense [of the whole inhabited earth]

*Strong Help for Those Who Repent Before the Lord God

* Strong Waker of Sleeping Consciences

^Subduer of the Unbelieving 

* Succor and Righteous Rewarder for All Who Honestly Trade

^Succor of the Church Militant

*Summit of Humility

^Sure Anchor of Hope

*Sure Confirmation of Them in Doubt

*Sure Deliverance from Sorrows

* Sure in Faith

*Surety of the Salvation of Sinners

*Surety of Those Praying in Silence

*Summit of the Virtues

^Suppliant All-powerful

*Supplication of the Just Judge

^Sweetest Mary

^Sweetness of Piety

* Swift and Painless Relief of Mothers [in Childbirth]


^Tabernacle [Temple] of the Divinity

*Tabernacle of the Word

^Temple of Eternal Wisdom

^Temple of the Blessed Trinity

^Temple of the Holy Glory of God

*Temple of the Lord

^Temple of the Living God

^Tender Mother

*Tenderness Conquering All Desire

^Terror of the Treacherous 

^The Admirable Foundation of the Religious Life

^The Advocate, the Hope, and the Refuge of Sinners

^The Chosen Shrine

*The Door of Repentance

*The Endless Treasure of Cures

*The Ever Blessed One

^The Finder of Grace

*The Good Helper of Them That Pray

*The Guide of Those Who Are Lost

^The Hand to Lift Up the Fallen and Despairing

*The Inexhaustible Cup

*The Key Unlocking Heaven

^The Masterpiece of All Creation

The Mother Who Remained a Virgin [Coptic]

^The Most Amiable of All Creatures

The New Jerusalem

The New Eve

*The Precious Fruit That Dispels All Sorrow

The Pure Dove

*The Redemption of the Tears of Eve

*The Restoration of Fallen Adam

*The Safe Harbor

*The Scroll upon Which the Word is penned by the Father’s Hand

*The Shelter of the Faithful and Their Hope

^The Sinner’s Great Hope

*The Support of the Oppressed

* The True Tabernacle of the Word of God

*The True Vine that Beareth Fruit

*The Unsown Valley

* Thee His Mother

* Thee to be the Comforter of Those that Sorrow

*Theotokos-Birth Giver of God [Bearer of God the Life-giver]

* Thou All-blessed

*Thou All Good One

* Thou All-threatening Terror of the Dark Forces of Hell

* Thou before Whom Our Enemies, Visible and Invisible, Cannot Stand

* Thou Blessing of All the Seasons of the Year

* Thou Chosen Dwelling-Place of God the All-Holy Spirit

* Thou Conqueror of All Assaults and Temptations 

* Thou for Whose Sake Hell Groans and the Spirits of Evil Tremble

* Thou for Whose Sake the Gates of Paradise Are Opened to All

* Thou Never-Ceasing Wonder of the Angelic Hosts on High

* Thou Perpetual Converser With Those Who Strive In Fasting and Silent Prayer

* Thou Speedy Comforter of Those Who Fall From Despair and Sadness

* Thou to Whom the Six-Winged Seraphim Ascribe Praises

*Thou That Bears the Supplications of the Faithful unto Thy Son and God

* Thou That Delivers the World from Sorrows

*Thou That Didst Adopt Us at the Cross of Thy Son

*Thou That Didst Endure the Blasphemies and Slanders Hurled At Thy Son

*Thou That Didst Join the Faithful to the Lord

*Thou That Didst Suffer Together With Him through His Suffering

*Thou That Didst Unite God with Mankind

* Thou That Draws Us from the Love of Things Earthly To the Heavenly Love of God

* Thou That Grants Us Consolation and a Life of Grace amid Our Very Sorrows

*Thou That Hast Made Glad All Christians That Have Confidence in Thee

* Thou That Heals the Grief of Our Spiritual Infirmity

* Thou That Leads Our Minds from the World to That Which Transcends It

*Thou That Thyself Dost Pray For Us at the Throne of Thy Son

*Thou that/Who Saves the World from the Flood of Sin

* Thou Veil [not made by hand of man] that is spread Over the Whole World like A Cloud

[Note: The following (“Thou Who”) are taken from a variety of Akathists]

* Thou Who:

  • Abounds with Sympathy for the Suffering
  • Leaves No One Without Thy Grace And Protection
  • Art Full of Grace, Healer of Our Souls and Bodies
  • Art Lit By the Sun of the Mind
  • Who Dost Enlighten Us with the Light That Never Sets
  • Art Incomparably more Honorable and Glorious than all the Hosts of Heaven
  • Art Resplendent with the Grace and Glory of Thine All-Wondrous Knowledge and Miracles
  • Dost Tame Our Evil Passions
  • By the Dew of Thy supplications Does Deliver  us from Fiery Conflagration
  • Art the Strength and Understanding of [the] Pastors [of the Church] 
  • by the Dew of Thy Prayers Dose Deliver Us from the Kindling of Fire
  • by Thy Supplication Dose  Swiftly Appease the Wrath of God Rightly Poured Out On Us
  • Crowns with a Fair Crown of Chastity Those Who Fight Against the Flesh
  • Crowns With Blessed Fruits the Husbandmen Pure In Hand and Heart
  • Defends us against enemies, visible and invisible
  • Delights the Souls of the Faithful with the Hope of the Good Things of Heaven
  • Delivers from All manner of Misfortunes and Tribulations
  • Delivers Us from Perilous Circumstances
  • Didst Bear the Almighty in Thine Arms
  • Didst Wrap in Swaddling Bands Him Who Cloths Himself in Light as in a Garment
  • Dispels the Turmoil of Doubting Thoughts 
  • Washes Away The Sorrows Of Our Sins
  • Drives Away the Dark Hordes of Our Passions and Lusts
  • From the Gates of Death Returns to Life those incurably ill
  • Gives Entry into the Heavenly Kingdom to Fallen Mankind
  • Gives a New and Better Understanding to Those Who Are Perishing From Infirmity of Mind
  • Grants All Things Needful in This Life unto Those Who Set Their Hope on Thee
  • Grants Swift Healing of Incurable Illnesses
  • Hast Been Exalted by Him Above All Others
  • Hast Confounded the Foolish Wisdom of This World
  • Hast Guided Those Blinded By the World on the Way of Truth
  • Hast Given Birth to Christ in the Flesh, Power of God and Wisdom of God
  • Hast Invincible Power
  • Hast Thereby Made Manifest A New Mercy And New Grace In The Orthodox Church 
  • Hast Known No Sin
  • Helps us to Excel in Good Deeds
  • Holds In Thy Hand without Being Consumed, the Divine Fire of Christ And Who with It Dost Set Us in Our Coldness Flame
  • In the Hour of Perplexity Dost Put A Good Thought In Our Hearts
  • In Thyself Hast Wondrously United Virginity and Childbirth
  • Leads Our Minds and Hearts Up to Heavenly and Eternal Treasures
  • Makes Continual Supplication for Us Before the Most High
  • Makes Glad with the Fruits of Faith and the Spirit Childless Couples
  • Pours the Consolation of Grace into God-Loving Hearts
  • Puts To Shame False Seers and Vain Divining
  • Puts to Shame the Foolish Wisdom of this Age
  • Renders Asunder the Bonds of Sin
  • Shows the Foolishness of the Faithful to be True Wisdom
  • Shows the Paths of Salvation to the Lost
  • Stands on High Before the Throne of Thy Son and God
  • Strengthens in the Orthodox Faith Those Who Waver 
  • Tamer of  Sinful Passions
  • Teaches Us to Seek Incorruptible Riches in Heaven
  • Teaches Us to Spurn the Vain and Quickly Passing  Good Things of This Earth
  • Turns to Mercy the Just Wrath of God
  • Unites the Whole Christian World with Thy Maternal Love
  • Unto Sinners Gives Boldness Before God
  • Uproot the Passionate Attachment to Corrupting Wealth
  • Wast a Mother in Giving Birth, Yet Didst Remain a Virgin 
  • Well Knows Secret and Unforeseen Difficulties and Dost Tell Those Whom It Is Proper About Them
  • With Maternal Love didst Watch over Him as He increased in Wisdom and Stature 
  • With the Hope of Salvation Does Strengthen Those Fallen into Despair and Despondency
  • With Thy Milk didst Nourish Him
  • Without Hesitations didst submit Thy Will to the Will of God

[Note: The following (“Thou Who Dose”) are taken from a variety of Akathists]

Thou Who Does

  • Admonish the Wicked, Prideful and Wrathful
  • Avert from Our Heads Bolts and Lightening and Claps of Thunder
  • Banish All Lamentation from the Hearts of Men
  • Break Asunder All the Snares of Belial
  • By Grace Provide Us with Humility and Patience
  • Enrich Us with the Treasures of Grace Divine
  • Ever Abide with Those Who Abide in Prayer and the Contemplation of God
  • Frighten Offenders
  • Guard Us from the Deadly Plague in Which All Perish
  • Guard Us with Peace and Love 
  • Help Those Who Honor Thee to Pass through the Aerial Toll-Houses 
  • Hold In Thine Hands the Banner of Thy Son, the Pre-Eternal Bishop
  • Incline Thy Son to Give Us Mercy, the Unworthy
  • Inspire Us with Love for God and Our Neighbors
  • Instill the Right Faith and the Fear of God Within Us
  • Impart Speedy Consolation And Healing To All Who Have Recourse To Thee Amid Sorrow, Need And Pain.
  • Lead Away From Our Heads the Blows of Lightning and Thunder
  • Lead Us Out With Thy Strong Arm from Flood and Drowning
  • Mercifully Dispel all Maladies
  • Not Forsake Those Who Bless Thee at the Dread Hour of Death
  • Not Turn Away Those Despised and Forsaken By All
  • Open the Gates of Paradise for Those Who Love Thee
  • Order Well Our Earthly Life
  • Plant the Fear of God in our Hearts
  • Pluck From the Pit of Destruction Those That Indeed Despair
  • Pours Heavenly Joy into Our heart Amid All Sorrows and Grief
  • Preserve Cities and Villages from Sudden Earthquakes
  • Preserves from the Temptations of this World, which Corrupt Soul and Body 
  • Provide Against Hunger of Soul and Body by the Bread of Life
  • Raise From Their Bed of Sickness Those Crippled in Body but Not in Spirit and Faith
  • Receive In Thine All-Powerful Arms Those Forsaken By the Physicians 
  • Remove the Stain of Sin
  • Save Us from the Attacks of Strangers and Secret Murderers
  • Save Us from the Mire of Sin
  • Shame in the Sight of All, those Who Honor Thee Not
  • Surpass the Angels in Purity
  • Swiftly and Diligently Hearken to those who Pray to Thee 
  • Swiftly Helps those languishing Amid Perils, Tribulations and Temptations
  • Teach Us To Disdain the Vain Joys of this World
  • Turn To Mercy the Cruelty of Our Unrepentant Hearts
  • Turn Us from Perilous Purposes and Senseless Desires
  • Vouchsafe those Who Glorify Thee Everlasting Blessedness in the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Wisely Trip Us Up On the Stubborn Path of Sin and Passion 
  • Wondrously heal those Stricken with Illnesses

* Thou Whom the Many-Eyed Cherubim Meet in the Air

* Thou Whose Love and Mercy towards Us Alone Hold Up Thine Hands for Us

* Thou Whose Most Precious Veil We Born on Earth Thankfully Venerate

* Thou Who Hast Illumined the Whole Earth by the Brightness of Thy Most Pure Soul

* Thou Who Hast Made Glad the Whole Heavens by the Purity of Thy Body

^Throne of Divine Clemency

*Throne of the King

* Through You Whom We Come to Know Our God

* Through You His Righteousness is Revealed

* Through You the Lord’s Peace Shines Forth

* Timeless and Most Pure One Who Contained God the Son

*Torment of Invisible Enemies

^Tower of David,

^Tower of Ivory

^Tower of Strength Against our Foes

* Transparent Gem Radiating Beams of Light

*Treasure House of Our Salvation

^Treasure of the Faithful

*Treasure of Purity

Treasurer and Dispenser of Divine Graces

*Treasury of the Peace of Christ

*Tree of the Godly Shade

* Tree of Good Fruit for the Trustful

*Tree of the Shining Fruit Whereby All are Nourished

*Tree That Dost Sweeten the Salty Waters of the Sea Of Life

* True Advocate of Sinners 

++True and Just Queen [Coptic]

* True Handmaiden of the Lord

* True in Thought

^True Mother of the Living God

* Truest Guard of Holy Monasteries

*Truth of the Prophets Word


*Unassailable Wall [wall implying protection]

* Unconquerable Leader of Christian Captains and Armies

* Unconquerable Shelter in Which We Find Peace

*Unfailing Path of Truth

^Unfailing Stream of Mercy

* Unexpected Helper [Of Those in Distress in Their Travels by Land and Water]

*Unexpected Joy of Sinners

Unfading Rose

*Unfailing Strength of the Infirm

* Un-hoped for Reconciliation

* Universal Shelter of the World 

* Unseen Tutor of Orphans

*Unshakable Wall and Our Protection

^Untier of Knots

* Untroubled Rest of the Pious Aged

*Unwedded Bride, Who Didst Conceive the Son by the Holy Spirit

^Up-lifter of the Fallen

* Up-rooter of Impious Heresies and Corrupting Divisions


^Vanquisher of Satan

^Vase of Humility

* Vastness of the Spirit of Love

^ Vehicle of Fire

* Vessel Filled With the Grace of the Holy Spirit

Vessel of Honor

*Vessel of Unending Myrrh 

*Vesture of Them That Are Stripped of Boldness

^Vial of Suffering

*Victory of those Who Endure to the End

* Vigilant Helper [of stouthearted city governors]

^Virgin All Excelling

*Virgin Bride of God; the restoration of Adam’s Fall.

^Virgin Daughter of Zion

^Virgin Full of Meekness and Humility

^Virgin Gentle and Obedient

^Virgin Gentle in Mercy

Virgin Immaculate

Virgin Mother of God

^Virgin of Mercy

^Virgin of the Host [Blessed Sacrament]

Virgin of Virgins 

Virgin Most Faithful

Virgin Most Merciful

Virgin Most Powerful

Virgin Most Prudent

Virgin Most Renowned

Virgin Most Venerable

Virgin Most Wise

^Virgin of Revelation

^Virgin of the Angels

^Virgin Poor/Pure and Humble

Virgin Rightly Praised

^Virgin Rightly Renowned 

  • Virgin Soil Worthy of All Praise

Virgin, Spotless, Undefiled, Unstained

^Virginal Wisdom

* Visible Strength of Manifest Strivers for Godliness

* Vision of Saints

* Visitation of Good Cheer for the Sick


Wellspring of Compassion [Coptic]

^Wellspring of Wonder

^White Dawn Announcing Christ’s Rising

^White Lily of the Resplendent Trinity

*Who Art Untilled Land

* Wise Woman of Faith

^Champion of the Poor and Lowly

^Woman Clothed with the Sun

^Woman Crowned with Stars

^Woman Moved by the Spirit

^Woman of Heavenly Glory

^Woman of Perfect Freedom

^Woman Responsive to God’s Word

^Woman Transformed

^Woman Who Rejoices in Her Lowliness

^Woman Willing to Believe in the Impossible

^Woman with an Undivided Heart

^Woman Wrapped in Mystery

* Wonder of Angels

*Wonder of Wonders

*Wonderful Palace of the Master

^Wonderful Temple of God


* You That Didst Bear the Lamb That Takes Away the Sin of the World

*You Who Are Blessed of God

* You Who Gives Light to the Understanding of the Faithful.

* You Who Ineffably Gave Birth to the Light

* You Who Over Soars the Knowledge of the Wise

* You Who Withheld the Divine Secret from All