A Moment on Truth . . .

I just finished reading an article. It was a nice and generous posting. It was also, as a consequence, misleading and distracting from truth and Truth. It likely originates out of fear of offending.

Yesterday I posted a homily by St. Oscar Romero. In light of the article’s apparent criteria, I should have omitted a large portion of St. Oscar Romero’s words out of fear of offending.

And so Christ’s ascension proclaims
that the whole creation
will also be redeemed in him,
because he will give the meaning
of all that God has created,
and at the end of time
(in this will consist the final judgment)
he will place at God’s feet
the great adjudication of good and evil.
Evil will be eliminated definitively
and good will be taken up
in the eternal glorification of Christ.
The Lord’s ascension also marks the glorification
of the universe.
The universe rejoices, money rejoices, power rejoices,
all material things –
farms and estates, everything – rejoice because the day will come when the Supreme Judge
will redeem from sin, from slavery, from shame,
all that God has created
and that humans are using for sin,
for affront against their fellows.
The redemption is already decreed,
and in his power, God has raised up Christ our Lord.
Christ gone up to heaven is a witness to final justice.

St. Oscar Romero’s homily would, using the fear of offending the state of mind, result only in the following words.

Money is good,
but selfish persons have made it bad and sinful.
Power is good,
but abuse by humans has made it something to fear.
All has been created by God,
but humans have subjected it to sin.

The article as written is offensive to the memory of the martyrs of El Salvador and so many others in history.

You ask if I read the article? Yes, I did. It is accurate, but also inaccurate (since it fails to state truths and Truth) – an oxymoronic article. Political correctness relishes in oxymoronic writings.

Oxymoron, is a Greek work, noun use of neuter of oxymoros (adj.) “pointedly foolish,” from oxys “sharp” (see acrid) + moros “stupid” (see moron). Rhetorical figure by which contradictory terms are conjoined so as to give point to the statement or expression; the word itself is an illustration of the thing.

The article does state: “The Quran asserts, however, that Jesus was sent by God, but is not God himself.”

Take the above one step further, “if Jesus is not God” then Mary is not the Theotokos. If you are true to your faith, the preceding, alone, overrides any parallels the article is emphasizing, rendering them meaningless. The parallels fail.

Moreover, the article fails to state that the Muslims worship a book – as do many Denominations and Cults. In worshipping the literalness of any book, you annihilate Holy Tradition.

Information for the sake of information is not salvific.

Read of the saints and martyrs.

Read the truths and Truth of our faith.

At no point did St. Oscar Romero seek parallels between the oppressors and the oppressed. At no point did St. Oscar Romero enunciate words of political correctness.

Being nice by promoting the present culture and mindset of political correctness will keep our faith from having future saints.