On the Ascension

Money is good,
but selfish persons have made it bad and sinful.
Power is good,
but abuse by humans has made it something to fear.
All has been created by God,
but humans have subjected it to sin.
And so Christ’s ascension proclaims
that the whole creation
will also be redeemed in him,
because he will give the meaning
of all that God has created,
and at the end of time
(in this will consist the final judgment)
he will place at God’s feet
the great adjudication of good and evil.
Evil will be eliminated definitively
and good will be taken up
in the eternal glorification of Christ.
The Lord’s ascension also marks the glorification
of the universe.
The universe rejoices, money rejoices, power rejoices,
all material things –
farms and estates, everything – rejoice because the day will come when the Supreme Judge
will redeem from sin, from slavery, from shame,
all that God has created
and that humans are using for sin,
for affront against their fellows.
The redemption is already decreed,
and in his power God has raised up Christ our Lord.
Christ gone up to heaven is a witness to final justice.

MAY 7, 1978
St. Oscar Romero