The New Scribes Among Us

The following is a reflection of Matthew 9.1-8.

The events of past few weeks have filled us pain. We have seen peoples, nations, and our faith under attack.

We have seen the unimaginable carnage.

We have seen darkness erupt into the day overwhelming our senses.

We have seen Evil, with impunity, stand before the world announcing its presence amongst us.

We have seen the demons, and they are beside us.

In a quiet sleepy town in northern France, we have, no doubt heard of a priest’s blood being co-mingled with the blood of Christ.

We should all be angry, afraid, sorrowful, and praying.

I fear the direction the world is going – in part because of the horrors we are seeing.

What I truly fear are governments and political leaders – across the world – telling us, instructing us, and defining for us what we are to think of the carnage we see. Governments and their leaders, afar and here in America, are attempting to herd us, to move us as animals, to manipulate our minds and our souls, and tell us what we may and may not think.

The very liberties and free will that our God endowed us with – our very God-given nature – is being denied and stripped from us. Our very thoughts can become secular crimes.

Sadly, but not unexpectedly, the demons are working hard to de-sensitize us to the realities of the world – and world leaders, political and religious, are succumbing and telling us we should do the same. It is an ungodly alliance.

World and national leaders are going to great lengths to define terrorism – direct or distantly influenced acts of malice, even those that are ill-defined. World and national leaders, given their deeds, are only succeeding in demonstrating their fear of fear – their fear of people who think for themselves, especially their fear of people who possess God endowed the liberties and free will.

World and national leaders are ultimately fearful of having to define evil. To do so would be to acknowledge it exists. To do so would be an acknowledgment of an existential evil that threatens humanity. It would also be an acknowledgment that a greater good exists.

To do so, they would lose their thrones and godhood.

Our present world leadership is in the same position “of the scribes who said to themselves, “This man is blaspheming.””

We who can see the world for what it is, see the battles between light and darkness, the battles between Good and Evil – and who call it such – we are today’s blasphemers.

My brothers and sisters in Christ, do not surrender yourselves to the leaders of this world. Do not yield your heart and mind to man. Do not let a man define what you may and may not believe.

Yield your heart to the Lord. And be willing to say, as the Christ did, to the leaders of this world who attempt to define you, “Why do you think evil in your hearts?” The “evil in [the] hearts” of our leadership today is not acknowledging evil.

Be with God. Exercise your free will in the service of the Lord. Serve Him with all you have within you. Gravitate to Him Who is loving and kind. And recognize evil when it is before you.