Stir the possum…

Stir the possum, Australian: to instigate a debate on a controversial topic, especially in the public arena. – Macquarie Dictionary.

I have stirred the possum on more than one occasion; in fact, I may be too well known for doing such. More often than not what is truly telling is not what I have done, but the reaction to what I have done. People are resistant to change, resistant to facts that are contrary to their individual or group paradigm, and resistant to change if they are engaged in group-think, particularly if something or someone is perceived as a threat the group. The reaction in all cases to what I have done is to attack me, or if another person has stirred the possum, to attack the person whom they perceive to be the attacker; the attacks are inevitably ad hominem.

Ad hominem attacks are a classic logic fallacy used to rouse emotional and prejudicial support. At this point the argument itself has been abandoned. And the ethos of irrelevancy has been entered into. Truth itself is held in irreverence.

So, if you are going to stir the possum, be ready to be crucified.