Redefining the Church . . .

“Let me add that the refusal to recognize primacy within the Orthodox Church, a primacy that necessarily cannot but be embodied by a primus (that is by a bishop who has the prerogative of being the first among his fellow bishops) constitutes nothing less than heresy.”

What the above means is that everyone who is not in agreement with the Ecumenical Patriarch is a heretic.

“…the principle of unity for the Church Universal is not Christ Himself, but rather some bishop.”

The above commentary gets to the heart of the matter; it’s a war wherein the head of the Church is being redefined as being a man, not the Christ.

“Note finally that the bishop in question is not (as a naively literal reading of the Holy Canons would seem to indicate) the bishop of Rome, but that of New Rome.”

“How can world Orthodoxy maintain communion with a Patriarchate that promotes an alien ecclesiology, and refers to those who object as “heretics” (a term it does not apply to Roman Catholics and Protestants)?”

The only ‘winners’ are the demons. And that is worse than sad. It is worse than sad because the eternal life of many is on the line. But the decision making is not an intellectual one, it is one based on emotion – as the article well states.

For them, the parish . . . is the Orthodox church, the church they or their parents built from nothing with sweat and sacrifice, the church where they were baptized or married or where they expect their funerals to be served.