The Terror of It All . . .

We cannot survive as creatures of emotion, making decisions based on emotion. Yet humanity tries its best to operate and live in such a manner. Living as creatures of emotion dooms not only us – but our children.

Evident motion is embedded in the slogan “My body, my choice.” Where does it lead? What are the consequences? What are its limits? Based upon the slogan we may logically do the following.

  • Sell our body organs to the highest bidder.
  • Legalize prostitution.
  • Decriminalize all drugs.
  • All so-called ‘sin taxes’ on foods and beverages become illegal.
  • Draft registration is illegal.
  • Suicide cannot be discouraged.
  • Reckless behaviors may be unregulated.
  • Abortion at will – at any time – is unregulated.
  • Fidelity to marriage is non-existent.
  • Correcting your adult children (not an oxymoron) is impermissible.

We become our own god, defining God. We become masters of the faith.