Dr. C.C. Peckhold Twitter Quote (4/6/19, 12:29)

“It’s a strange paradox that friendships won through worldly success are more fragile than those won through shared suffering.”

I don’t believe it is a paradox.

Shared suffering, i.e., for those of us who have been in war, builds greater human and heavenly bonds than anything this base earthly life can provide. When life and death are at stake, trust must be at its greatest. From the movie trailer Black Hawk Down (2001)i come the following lines:

“Where’s the rescue squad? We’re it.”

“I can’t do it. It’s what you do right now that makes a difference.”

“People will ask, “Why do you do it man?” They won’t understand, “It’s about the man next to you.””

“Don’t let that man crawl! Somebody help that man.”

“No one get’s left behind, you know that.”

“No one asks to be a hero. Its just sometimes it just turns out that way.”

Peckhold, whom I respect, does not write from a perspective of the conflict ongoing in this world, between the demonic who is assailing our souls.

We are the rescue squad.

We are here to make a difference right now.

It is about the man next to you (your family, friend, and neighbor).

Help that man.

No one get left behind (unless they choose to be left behind).

We’re all given the opportunity to be heroes; perhaps unrecognized, but heroes nevertheless.

Above I stated, “for those of us who have been in war.” What we don’t realize is that the war exists now, today, all around us. And that is where our Holy Orthodox Church comes into play. It is the fortress of our salvation. But its walls are being chipped away at by the demons.