The Ladder of Divine Ascent – Step 23, A Focus

6. A haughty monk contradicts violently, but a humble one cannot even look one in the face.

7. The cypress does not bend to live on earth; nor does a lofty-hearted monk do so to acquire obedience.

8. A proud person grasps at authority, because otherwise he cannot, or rather, does not want to be utterly lost.

9. God resists the proud. Who then can have mercy on them? Every proud-hearted man is unclean.

10. The proud are corrected by falling into sin.3 It is a devil which spurs them on.4 But apostasy is madness. In the first two cases people have often been healed by men, but the last is humanly incurable.

11. He who refuses reproof shows his passion (pride), but he who accepts it is free of this fetter.