Killed by Satanists

“The room in the Athens hotel where Jose was tortured to death was a corner room with a balcony – the only one at the hotel with direct access to the roof of an adjacent building. This accounts for the fact that the door of the room where Jose was martyred was locked from inside. According to the physician who examined the body, the murder was committed by two to three individuals – one held him, another tied his hands and feet, while a third one delivered blows. In all probability, the murderers wanted to know the whereabouts of the wonderworking icon. It should be noted that the fate of the icon is still unknown.

“How Jose was tricked into coming to the hotel room where this brutal murder was committed remains a mystery to this day.

“During [his] testimony, the physician said that, by all appearances, Jose did not resist. He lay tied across the bed. Signs of torture were found on his face, legs, arms, and chest. The physician also showed us the terrifying photographs of Jose’s tortured body, [taken] by the police, which indicated that the martyr died very slowly and alone…”