Social Media Spreads Rage, But Kindness Can Stop It In Its Tracks . . .

Anger Can Be Contagious — Here’s How To Stop The Spread

“It’s not just happiness that spreads. Unhappiness and anger can be contagious, too. And not surprisingly, there’s evidence that emotional contagion can spread through digital interactions. A research study dubbed “I’m Sad, You’re Sad” documented that if someone in a negative mood texts his or her partner, the partner is likely to both sense the emotion and mirror it. Likewise, a study of nearly 700,000 Facebook users suggests individuals can pick up on and mirror emotions they encounter in their social media feeds. (NPR)

homophily – Sociology. The tendency of people to be drawn to or seek out those they perceive to be most like themselves. Also: such similarities between individuals or groups. OED Work of the Day