Perspective . . .

How tough is your life?

“A poor farmer goes to a rabbi with a problem. “My wife and children are living in a small house and it’s unbearable. Life couldn’t get worse.”

“The rabbi asked, “Do you have a goat?” The farmer, puzzled, nodded.

“Move the goat into your house with your family.”

“He didn’t dare question the reasoning of the rabbi, who was legendary for his wisdom.

“Over the objections of his family, he brought the goat to live in the house, and it was a disaster.

“The goat smashed the furniture, ate everything in sight, and smelled … like a goat.

“He returned to the rabbi, panic-stricken. Life had never been more horrible. He needed something – anything – to relieve his family’s suffering.

“The rabbi said, “Remove the goat.””

…as told by Annie Duke.