Spiritual Blindness

July 9, 1917

“Painting a picture of the blind man’s impoverished state after he lost his human vision, I turned to the subject of spiritual blindness.

“Oh, how many people in the awful time we are enduring have blinded their wisdom. You are involuntarily sized by horror when you see and hear the extent of human blindness. There is no lie that a man blinded by passions will not present as the truth. There is no untruth that he will not begin to justify. There is no crime of which he is incapable. The voice of passion blinds all, not only the voice of reason, but the voice of blood relationship. Brother rises up against brother, son against father, daughter against mother. But worst of all, man – the created – rises up against God, Creator and Planner of the universe. By His great mercy, may God preserve us from such blindness.”

The Romanovs Under House Arrest: The Diary of Father Afanasy. Holy Trinity Publications. The Printshop of St Job of Pochaev. Holy Trinity Monastery. Jordanville, New York. 2018. Pages 48-49.

Comment 1. The words of a century ago echo today. Despite the 1917 prayer and admonition, it is unheeded in this time of strife, 2019 – by patriarchs, bishops, priests, and parishioners.

Comment 2. Recommended reading: Ladder of Divine AscentStep 29 on Dispassion.

Contemplation. Have you recognized the spiritual blindness in your life? Have you recognized it in our Holy Church? Have you recognized it within your parish life?