Why “Red”priest?

I have been asked if I am a communist because of my email address, “Redpriest.” I most certainly am not. Usually the foregoing question is reflective of a person’s age, era, and having lived through the Cold War (WWIII) as I have.

Why “Red”priest? Well, red evokes a multitude of emotions, feelings, and dichotomous definitions.

Red is associated with bravery, purity, joy, good fortune, fire, and the emotions that “stir the blood” (ex: “I saw red”) as in anger; it is also reflective of passion, love, and pain.

Red light allows one to see at night, to see the unseeable (if there is such a word), yet that which is present.

Red is also the color of sin; and I am the first among sinners. “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white as snow.” KJV Isaiah 1:18. The scarlet letter was red.

Red is the color of love; and I do not love enough.

The color red is representative of martyrs and martyrdom; it is sacrifice and the shedding of blood; it is the liturgical color worn by priests on the feast days of John the Forerunner and our Lord God & Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Finally, red is the color of the wine in the chalice, that upon which the Holy Spirit descends, that which becomes the blood of our Lord God & Saviour, Jesus Christ.

May I be worthy of being a Redpriest; Lord have mercy.

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